How to Look Good on the Beach in One Month


People want to be beach ready, even for the off season. And what better way to get a bikini body in 4 weeks than to follow this short plan.

Sugar is a major culprit in weight gain. It makes a person more hungry, especially if consumed mid day. The best way to slim down fast is to cut it completely. This might seem like it would cause certain side effects, but the only kickback a person will notice is a reducing number on the scale.

Cutting out sugar does not have to be a lifetime decision. However, once a person realizes how great it feels to go natural, then it might be hard going back.

One mother reported that she used to sneak into her children’s rooms and eat their chocolate Easter bunnies. That was just how addicted to sugar she became. Not only did she lose weight after the month of sugar fasting, she had adopted a new life style. And of course, she, like you will be, was bikini ready year round.